Art Ensemble Of Chicago

 Roscoe Mitchell - Roscoe Mitchell - Roscoe Mitchell

Chicago's AACM movement boasts a number of gifted saxophonists and Roscoe Mitchell is one of them. Mitchell started his music career after getting out of the military. In 1961 he led a hard bop sextet in Chicago which later became much freer and in the mid-'60s he became known as a strong and adventurous improviser.

Roscoe Mitchell was a member of Muhal Richard Abrams's Experimental Band and in 1965 he became one of the founders of the AACM. In 1966 he released his monumental "Sound " album which spawned a new method of freely improvising. This method involved silence along with high energy and "little instruments" in addition to conventional horns.

The Art Ensemble of Chicago was born when Joseph Jarman and Philip Wilson joined Roscoe Mitchell. It quickly became one of the most popular groups in the jazz avant-garde, with Mitchell as a member of the band. By the way, Roscoe Mitchell played not only horns, but a variety of musical instrument, including baritone and bass saxophones, oboe, clarinet, flute and piccolo. During his career he also took part in individual projects and has had numerous recordings as a leader for Moers Music, Delmark, Black Saint, Nessa, Sackville, 1750 Arch, Cecma and Silkheart in performances that ranged from large ensembles to solo concerts.