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 Chicago You Snooze You Lose - "Dream Girls" Show - "Dream Girls" Show

To say Chicago theater has got hits is an understatement. But it isn't always so easy to keep the production open. For example "Dream Girls" the much loved musical that showcases Chicago's young, hot African-American produced by Porch light Music theater finds it difficult to keep the show going. It needs to move to a bigger theater like the Apollo Theater. But Porch light does not have the money so it cannot make the move. The problem is not that the musical doesn't do well but like other productions by Kokandy in "Heathers" both use rental venues. When the shows are a smash it presents a quandary. As these theaters are not set up for long-running shows. The owner of the Apollo Theater would be well advised to put "Dream Girls" and as a prime attraction and then "Heather's" for the late-night attraction. - Musical "Hamilton" - Musical "Hamilton"

As for plays, many of the houses are vague and enthusiastic for the new play "Sender" which is a terrific dissection of social media and mating habits of Chicago's millennial generation. You can see this play at Red Orchid Theater. Tickets are still available and very inexpensive at $35 in comparison to premium tickets for "Hamilton" in New York at $995. Try Ticket Network for the deeply discounted tickets. With Ticketnetwork promotion codes you can slash prices in half.

A few more shows to see are the Jeffed Theo Ubigue production of "Rent" till May 15. And don't forget "Carlyle" a provocative play about black conservativism. one last word about Chicago theater is when you find a Chicago show that happens to be good and stays open that is a the good thing but in Chicago if you snooze you lose. Better keep up, theater lovers.