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3 Tour dates for July 2006 in Spain. See the "On Tour" page!

Two new cds have been added to our online store: Roscoe Mitchell / Tatsu Aoki "First Look" and Roscoe Mitchell Quintet "Turn". December 2005. And also: The new Art Ensemble hat

Two new posters are available on our online store since May 14th. 2005

The recent performance at Mandel Hall, University of Chicago, was recorded and will be released on cd and dvd. The Chicago Tribune published an enthusiastic review. Here is an excerpt:

If Sissoko, Wilkes and Shahid have changed the tonal palette of the band in intriguing ways, Art Ensemble stalwarts Mitchell, Jarman and Moye have retained the sonic splendor and radical fervor of old. Joined by their new colleagues, the veterans reaffirm the band's reverence for age-old black musical traditions and relentless curiosity for outlandish new sounds.

Long may they thrive.

Jack Lefton's page is the most comprehensive discography or the Art Ensemble of Chicago that you can find online. It's at www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/8835/art.html

Dan Plonsey has a very complete Roscoe Mitchell's discography at http://www.plonsey.com/beanbenders/Roscoedisco.html


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